Mette, David, and Calista's Unconventional Family Photoshoot

Fields of Love: A Tandy Hills Family Affair

In the heart of Fort Worth, amidst the wildflowers and rolling hills of Tandy Hills, lies the backdrop to Mette, David, and baby Calista's unique family photoshoot. An unmistakable love story, this session captured the essence of a family finding joy in each other and their surroundings.

A Love Story Written in Shutter Clicks

Meet Mette and David, the unconventional couple whose love story started in the world of photography. David, a skilled photographer, and Mette, a stunning model, collaborated on various shoots that eventually led them down the path of love. Tandy Hills isn't just a picturesque location for this family; it's a symbol of their love and the beginning of a beautiful chapter. As we revisited the site of their initial photoshoot, the nostalgia blended seamlessly with the joy of capturing their growing family.

Mette's Modeling Magic

Given Mette's background in modeling, she approached our family photoshoot with a unique level of trust. Her confidence in my ability to direct and capture allowed us to delve deeper into the details of each pose. With Mette as the muse, the focus shifted to the nuances that make family photography truly special—the shared glances, the gentle touches, and the laughter that echoed through the fields.

Fort Worth editorial Photographer

As an editorial photographer, I don’t typically book family photoshoots. Most moms appreciate more candid, carefree shots of their family. However, for this photoshoot, I incorporated more documentary style aspects in this shoot to help create a seamless blend of candid and posed. If you’re a mom who is interested in stepping away from cookie-cutter, generic family photos, fill out my contact form and we can see how to creatively tell your family’s story.