Michele & Dylan

Vintage-Inspired Campfire Engagement

Meet Michele and Dylan, a couple whose love story is as rich and diverse as the small towns they love to explore. United by their passion for antique shopping and the shared enjoyment of sitting outdoors, listening to music, they have spent the last three years expanding their horizons, trying new things, and indulging in each other's favorites.

As they embark on the journey towards marriage, Halloween next year marks the date for their wedding celebration. Determined to offer them an unforgettable experience, I set out to craft a photoshoot that mirrored their personalities and aspirations.

No More Awkwardness: A Relaxed Approach to Love

One of the first things Michele and Dylan shared was their desire to avoid the awkwardness that can sometimes accompany photoshoots. I understood the importance of making them feel at ease, so I decided to base their session on an activity. After looking at their questionnaire that I provided them, and some research and location scouting from my end, I found the perfect spot and my ideas came to life. With the flannel Dylan planned on wearing and the nature-y look they were going for, I thought a campfire photoshoot would really give that cozy, nostalgic vibe they wanted.

Fort Worth Engagement Photographer: Creating Memories Beyond the Lens

For Michele and Dylan, this engagement photoshoot was not just a series of pictures; it was an experience filled with genuine moments and the joy of being together. As a Fort Worth engagement photographer, my goal is to create memories that transcend the frame, capturing the essence of each couple's unique love story.