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Boho Disco Bridal Photoshoot at Milk and Honey Ranch, Burton TX

Unveiling the Unconventional Elegance

When it comes to capturing the essence of love, light, and life, there's something uniquely enchanting about combining bohemian vibes with disco glam. At the heart of Burton, Texas, lies the picturesque Milk and Honey Ranch, where a boho disco bridal photoshoot unfolded, defying the scorching summer heat. The result? A collection of mesmerizing photographs that effortlessly blend the rustic charm of the ranch with the effervescent energy of a disco ball.

Embracing the Heat: Crafting Magic Amidst Adversity

Experienced photographers know that even the most challenging conditions can become an integral part of the creative process. This photoshoot took place during the hottest time of the day, under the unforgiving Texas sun. The beads of sweat may have glistened, but so did the determination to capture the purest moments of love. It's this dedication that transforms ordinary situations into extraordinary memories, and it's a testament to the artistry behind the lens.

The Beauty of Pre-Wedding Bridal Photoshoots: A Stress-Free Affair

In the whirlwind of wedding preparations, carving out moments for intimate portraits can be a challenge. This is where the concept of pre-wedding bridal photoshoots shines. Embracing this trend not only offers the opportunity for the bride to shine in the spotlight but also ensures a collection of timeless images that narrate her personal journey leading up to the big day.

Unlike rushed snapshots captured amidst the wedding hustle, pre-wedding photoshoots provide a canvas for authenticity. With ample time to explore different poses, backdrops, and lighting, the bride can step into her role as the star of her own fairytale. These images tell her story, capturing her radiance, her joy, and her anticipation in every frame.

Moreover, by front-loading the bridal portraits, there's more room for capturing candid moments, couple portraits, and cherished family memories during the wedding. A relaxed bride means more room for creativity, connection, and candidness.

Milk and Honey Ranch: Where Rustic Meets Modern Elegance

Nestled in the heart of Burton, Milk and Honey Ranch serves as the ideal backdrop for the modern bride seeking a touch of rustic charm. While the entire venue wasn't utilized for this photoshoot, it's a symphony of rural farm aesthetics harmonizing with modern wedding elegance. For couples craving the duality of nature and sophistication, the ranch sets the stage for an unforgettable celebration.

With its breathtaking landscapes, Milk and Honey Ranch offers more than just a venue—it provides an experience. A seamless blend of rustic outdoor allure and modern wedding luxury, the ranch presents itself as an enchanting canvas for couples seeking a wedding day that's both elegant and soulful.

Boho Disco Florals With Heather, owner of Fashionable florist

I asked Heather, who owns the Fashionable Florist to talk about her florals. I wanted to know what was her thought process behind the design and decision on which florals to use and what her vision was. She also includes a quick tip for roses! This is what she had to say:

“Get ready for the 2023-2024 wedding flower trend, the Boho Disco! Now, I really wanted to capture that easy-going yet edgy vibe with some fabulous flowers. So, I went with a tetradic color palette, bringing in those bright hues of the color wheel to complement the more subdued boho tones.

Anthuriums, my versatile darlings! These babies can handle being out of water and are oh-so-gorgeous. To make them pop against the softer boho shades, I sprayed them with a mix of pinks, blues, silvers, and golds. The result? Pure magic, especially when those holographic sprays catch the light!

 To amp up the color game, I brought in Orange Crush roses and Hot Pink carnations. Now, normally I'm not an orange fan, but these roses were such show-stoppers. Their palm-sized blooms stood out beautifully against the other roses and the eucalyptus. And let's not forget about the unexpected delights of purple delphinium and stock - pure color pops!

To truly capture that boho vision, I used a neutral palette of pampas grass, silver dollar eucalyptus, Quicksand and Shimmer roses. Quicksand roses provide that gorgeous cream shade and always open up beautifully. And oh, the Shimmer roses! With their abundance of petals and hand-sized blooms, they filled the design with grace and elegance.

Quick tip: Opening roses can be a challenge, but fear not! Instead of reflexing them, simply flip the stem upside down and give it a gentle twirl between your hands. If that doesn't do the trick, try gently navigating through the petals like a circular maze with your finger - works like a charm!

Get ready to boogie with Boho Disco, where flowers steal the show and make your wedding day shine!”

Planning/ Coordinating/ Creative Direction: Fresh Capsule Vibes Weddings

Photography: Rocky’s Photography

Boho Bride: Cara Gautreaux

Florals: Fashionable Florist

Cake: Dolce Vita Bakery

HMUA: Jackie the MUA

Venue: Milk and Honey Ranch