Olivia + Dan

Charming Lake Tahoe Elopement at Olympic Valley Stables

In the heart of Olympic Valley, near the breathtaking Lake Tahoe, Olivia and Dan embarked on a heartwarming journey to celebrate their love in a simple yet enchanting elopement. The month of May provided the perfect backdrop – a mixture of chilly breezes, warm sunshine, and snow-capped mountains. As a photographer, I had the privilege of capturing their intimate moments against the picturesque canvas of nature, at the stunning Olympic Stables.

A Romantic Spring Setting

Olivia and Dan's elopement radiated a unique charm, embracing the transition from winter to spring. The landscape was adorned with the last traces of snow on the majestic mountains, while the sun cast a golden glow that perfectly illuminated the moments of love. Olivia's choice of a thin wedding dress was a testament to the season's delicate balance.

Complementing Nature's Palette

The color scheme of the wedding was a harmonious blend of fall hues, mirroring the changing leaves and the rich earthy tones of the surroundings. Dan's orange tuxedo top not only added a pop of vibrant color but also seamlessly harmonized with the lush green grass, creating a breathtaking visual feast for the eyes. Against this natural backdrop, their love story unfolded with grace and authenticity.

A Love Captured in Frames

Being the photographer for Olivia and Dan's elopement was a true privilege. Every click of the camera captured not only their love but also the captivating allure of Lake Tahoe and the Olympic Valley Stables. The blend of nature's grandeur and the couple's genuine affection resulted in a collection of timeless photographs that tell their unique love story.


Olivia and Dan's elopement at Olympic Valley Stables stands as a testament to the enchanting beauty of Lake Tahoe's landscape. Against the backdrop of snow-dusted mountains and a radiant sun, their love blossomed in a celebration that was both intimate and unforgettable. As a photographer, I am humbled to have been a part of their journey and to have captured the essence of their special day amidst the natural splendor of Olympic Valley.