Dallas, TX


March 23, 2023

This branding session was SOOOO refreshing. If you’ are been with me since the beginning, you’ll know that I actually started my photog biz with Brand Photography. Even though I do mainly couples and weddings now, I still take on a very limited amount of branding sessions each year.

Rachael is a local luxury hairstylist in the Dallas/McKinney area. She specializes in cuts and blonding and is AMAZING! I really love the fact that she uses non-toxic/low-toxic styling and coloring products. She also owns an eco-conscious candle company called the Peachy Candle Company and her candles smell DELICIOUS.

Like most of clients, Rachael has a very happy, bubbly personality. Even though my style of photography is more moody, it’s still important for me to bring some of her natural personality in her images.

We ended up deciding to shoot her branding photoshoot inside of the salon she’s currently located in as well as the surrounding areas outside of it. All in all, I think these photos came out amazing and had a great mixture of my creative vision as well as keeping true to her personality.

Also featured is my makeup artist Jennifer Serra. Jennifer has an amazing team, one of which did Rachael’s makeup for her shoot. I offer a couple of packages that include hair and makeup with Jennifer’s team who I completely TRUST with anything.